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 Thanks to the Cub Scouters who attended the June Cub Scout Roundtable!!  

We had Cub Scouters all in one room, getting help and information about 

all things Cub Scouting!  You are AWESOME!



Do you want a chance to "Make A Deal", win a great prize or cash-check back here the day of roundtable to see what to bring to roundtable and if you're name is drawn during Closing and you have the item, you will get to play and have a chance to win.

Bring ____________________________ for your chance to play "Make A Deal" tonight at roundtable. You must be willing to give up what you bring if your name is drawn to play.

 Thanks to our great team that works tirelessly to serve leaders in our district!


Cub Scout Leader Roundtable
Scout Law-Courteous   Theme-S'More Cub Scout Fun
July 7, 2016
Join us for Cub Scout Leader Roundtable 
7:30 PM
Tooele North Stake Center
583 N. 270 E., Tooele

Join us and bring all the leaders of your pack. 
Come start the new Cub Scouting year and find out about the fun ahead!


There is not an exact address to the Wigwam.  It can be accessed from Tooele Main St.--

  • heading South on Main St., pass Baptist church (the hill on your left) there is a small road on the left, turn here ends at Wigwam gate.  
  • heading North, pass road to Settlement Canyon and homes on the right and left, turn right on the little road(just after the large homes on the right), ends at Wigwam.  If you get to the Baptist church on the hill you went to far North. 


June 2016 Scout Law-Obedient and Cub Scout Theme-It's a Hit

A Scout is Obedient

A Scout follows the rules of his family, school and pack. He obeys the laws of his community and country.

How does "It's a Hit" relate to this point of the Scout Law?

It is easy to forget the importance of being honest when you are playing a game and you really want to win.  However, a Cub Scout always tells the truth and is the person worthy of trust. This month, we will reinforce how important it is to be honest--notably when playing ball with friends.

June Pack Meeting Plans

July 2016 Scout Law-Loyal and Cub Scout Theme-Scout Salute

A Scout is Loyal

A Scout tells the truth and keeps his promises. People can depend on him.

How does "Scout Salute" relate to this point of the Scout Law?

A Scout is true to his family, friends, Scout leaders, school and nation.  Cub Scouts will show their loyalty during this meeting by participating in several activities such as honoring the American flag, creating a pack banner and hearing about loyalty from a guest speaker or demonstrating loyalty to a team through a pack game.

July Pack Meeting Plans

August 2016 Scout Law-Courteous and Cub Scout Theme-S'More Cub Scout Fun

A Scout is Courteous

A Scout is polite to everyone and always uses good manners.

How does "S'more Cub Scout Fun" relate to this point of the Scout Law?

Summertime is a great time to get outside and to have S'more Cub Scout Fun! This month, enjoy one of the last of the Summer evenings at a pack campfire. Cub Scouts can experience fun in a campfire program full of songs, skits, awards and great memories. At the campfire, the Cub Scouts will treat each other with politeness because each boy knows that is how he wants to be treated.

August Pack Meeting Plans

2016-2017 Pack Meeting Themes

September: Helpful – "To The Rescue" 

October: Kind – "Creepy Crawlers" 

November: Courteous – "Cubs In Shining Armor" 

December: Cheerful – "Celebrate" 

January: Obedient – "Cub Scout City Council" 

February: Reverent – "Passport To Other Lands" 

March: Loyal – "Our National Treasures" 

April: Thrifty – "Power Up!" 

May: Clean – "A Picnic With Pizzazz" 

June: Brave – "Roaming Reptile Alert" 

July: Trustworthy – "Let The Games Begin" 

August: Friendly – "#CUBSCOUTS" 

2017–2018 Pack Meeting Themes

September: Courteous – "How the West Was Fun" 

October: Thrifty – "A-Camping We Will Go" 

November: Reverent – "Cubs Give Thanks" 

December: Kind – "Paying It Forward" 

January: Helpful – "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" 

February: Cheerful – "Abracadabra!" 

March: Trustworthy – "Cub Scout Investigators" 

April: Loyal – "Cubs in the Future" 

May: Friendly – "Treasure Hunters" 

June: Obedient – "Wheel Into Summer" 

July: Brave – "Home of the Brave" 

August: Clean – "Destination Parks" 

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