Yes, girls will be part of Cub Scouting in the Fall 2018!

For most of the packs in our district things will not change.
If you want official information from Boy Scouts of America on this change--

This year as a district, you can earn the new Deseret Peak District Taining Patch. You can start collecting each part of the patch as you earn them and eventually will have a full patch that will show that you are trained and able to help the scouts.

Click this link and download the requirements to earn all four sections. You must be currently registered in Boy Scouts of America and Deseret Peak District to earn this patch.

 Thanks to the Cub Scouters who attended the 

February Cub Scout Roundtable!!  

Thank you for all you do!!

SEE YOU THURSDAY, March 1, 7:30 PM 


411 W. Vine St., TOOELE

National Boy Scouts of America has updated and modified the 
Cub Scouting program as of December 2016.

Please visit your local Scout Shop to pick up a FREE printed addendum, which outlines the current requirements, or call our customer service group at 800.323.0736 and request one shipped to your home free.

Let's MAKE A DEAL in  March.  Come back the day of roundtable to see what to bring to be eligible to play.

Bring a ________________ for your chance to play "Make A Deal" tonight at roundtable. You must be willing to give up what you bring if your name is drawn to play.

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There is not an exact address to the Wigwam.  It can be accessed from Tooele Main St.--

  • heading South on Main St., pass Baptist church (the hill on your left) there is a small road on the left, turn here ends at Wigwam gate.  
  • heading North, pass road to Settlement Canyon and homes on the right and left, turn right on the little road(just after the large homes on the right), ends at Wigwam.  If you get to the Baptist church on the hill you went to far North. 

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