So your a new leader and we bet you have a lot of questions.  

You have come to the right place.

  • What are the first things a new leader needs to  do?  Breath, it will be okay and you can enjoy volunteering in the Cub Scouting program.    
  • What comes next? You need to fill out a BSA adult registration form and get it signed. Now, set up an account on  Make sure to keep your User name and password handy, as you will be signing in and out of this account many times during your Scouting career.  While signed in take your Youth Protection training and print off a certificate and staple it to your BSA adult registration form.  Your registration form will not be accepted without your Youth Protection certificate. Youth Protection training does expire every two years, so make sure to keep it current or you will not be allowed to recharter each year with your pack.  Hazardous Weather training is also now required. Make sure to check out the other training online like Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat and others.
  • Where do I turn in my completed registration and Youth Protection certificate? These can be turned in to McBeths, 134 W. 400 S. in Tooele.  Call ahead to make sure someone is available to help you 435-882-4613.  
  • Now, is there any other kind of training that I need to do? Yes the more training you do the more confident you will become.  Leader Specific training is a great place to start and it can be done live at one of the four district Leader Specific trainings held during the year or you can go into your account and take it there.  We recommend live training as much as possible because questions posed during the live training can be answered and may trigger of questions from other leaders attending.  If you are thinking it, so will someone else.   The district also offers BALOO Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation Training usually once each year.  These are great trainings and any volunteer would find something helpful when they attend and participate.
  • Where can I find help for questions or concerned?  Attend Cub Scout Roundtable each month.  It is usually held the first Thursday, 7:30 PM, at the Tooele Jr. High School and during the Summer months at the Tooele North Stake Center, 583 N. 270 E., Tooele.  There is a section for each type of Cub Scouting position.  We discuss a different aspect of your responsibilities and how to be successful.  We also discuss ideas and activities for the Scout Law and Theme for the upcoming month.  Each section provides a handout to participants and our team is available for questions during the sections and also before or after roundtable.  Won't you join us? Click on the Home and Roundtable links above more updated dates, times and locations and for more detailed information.  You can also email  or or .  We are here to help you outside of roundtable as well.  
  • Do I need a permission slip every time we go somewhere?  Yes, you do need a permission slip anytime you meet or go somewhere that is not your regular meeting place.  BSA has a permission slip available download at
  • What resources and literature do I need?  Every leader should have their own if possible by either purchasing them from a Scout Shop-locally the Tooele Scout Shop. See the following--
  1. Guide to Safe Scouting download at Each leader should have one with them at all times.   Check for changes often, because it does change quite often during each year.
  2. Cub Leader Book (2015) was released for the new Cub Scout Adventures. 
  3. Den Leader Rank Resource book (2015) Each rank has a version--Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos Scout
  4. How To Book (2015) 
  5. Den and Pack Ceremonies (2015)
  6. Boy Handbook (2015) Each rank has a version--Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos.
  7. Addedums from December 2016 for each Cub Scouting rank, as requirements were changed in December 2016.
  8. BSA Medical form for myself and each adult leader and boy in your pack.  These can and should be filled out online and printed out for each person.  Found here--
  9. Product Sales Guide will help answer questions on fundraisers and how to fund a pack.  Always check with your individual chartered organization for further guidance.--
You can also find information on 

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