Leader Specific Training

For any leader who has not taken Leader Specific Training for their current position in Boy Scouts of America. This training can be taken through your my.scouting.org account. If you do not have an account, go to my.scouting.org and set up your account. This is where you can take Youth Protection Training and other trainings.

If you have questions before or after taking the online trainings, come to Cub Scout Roundtable on the 1st Thursday each month and bring all your questions. We're glad to help answer any questions you may have.

The decision has been made to cancel the trainings in Deseret Peak District.

If you would like a training provided, please contact 
Darwin Cook at district8chairman@gmail.com 
or Thomas Carlisle at kf7ebx@gmail.com
for details, questions or to schedule a training.


BSA Wilderness 
First Aid Training

No training scheduled at this time.

BALOO Training

Basic Adult Leader 

Outdoor Orientation 

There is a pre-requisite, which is an online portion of BALOO training located at my.scouting.org , which is where you did your Youth Protection.

June 28-29


$30 per adult

Utah Fire Museum

Online registration and payment will be required

Go to HERE

A flyer with all the details is available below

BALOO TRAINING 2019 FLYER 05212019.pdf BALOO TRAINING 2019 FLYER 05212019.pdf
Size : 656.891 Kb
Type : pdf


The primary purpose of the Wood Badge experience is to strengthen Scouting in our units, districts and council.  Every boy deserves a well-trained leader.


The course is designed to be a highlight --"a mountaintop experience" -- for the course participants. Careful planning and strict attention to detail provides a physical/logistic support and program second to none. Add to this a thoroughly prepared and enthusiastic staff and it is little wonder that most Scouters return from Wood Badge inspired and prepared to do an even better job of providing Scouting to boys from Cub Scouting, young men in Boy Scouts, Varsity and young men and women in the Venturing programs. 


Do you hear the call of Wood Badge?  Come join us around the campfire and feel the spirit of Scouting.



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